you MUST learn all you can

You CAN do something!

Here's what you CAN do:

1) conduct all the research I recommend here AND subscribe to the news from the websites I listed.

2) on the local level, try to talk with you family, friends, neighbors and co-workers about this. Get them involved.

Locally, monitor school books for excessive and incorrect information about Islam.

Locally, monitor schools for projects promoting Islam.

Locally, make sure no business, school or local government submits to demands by Islamist.

Locally, determine if there are plans to build a Mosque in the area.

Locally, find out what stores sell Halal prepared food and which products those are. You may not want to eat it (learn about Halal).

Locally, you need to make sure Sharia Law is NEVER permitted or accepted in your area.

3) Nationally, you can help by participating in any boycotts or petition's to sign. Call or write elected officials and business owners to express your feelings (let the store know you're boycotting and why). Realize that across the country, many others are taking action and you MUST add your voice.

4) Help Pass the Open Fuel Standards bill; this will cut off the money supply to those helping to spread Islam.

5) make sure you vote. As important as many issues are, you must consider whether a candidate understands the threat of Islam. Nothing else will matter (abortion, gun control, illegal immigration, etc) IF the US ultimately becomes an Islamic nation.

6) Join Freedom Works ( and you might find others in your neighborhood to help; see links below.

7) Join SIOA (Stop Islamization of America) on Facebook; see links next section.

8) Join Act for America and if there's no Chapter in your area, consider starting one.

9) NEVER use the words "terror", "terrorism", etc. We are in a fight against Islamic Jihadist's, NOT terrorists. They engage in Jihad as described in Islamic Law. It's Jihad, NOT terror. Even non-violent attempts to make society Islamic is a form of Jihad. Call it what it is.

Don't feel helpless. There is plenty you can do. You are NOT a racist (Islam is not a race) or bigot if you fight them. You do NOT have a phobia (they say Islamophobia). Ali Sina wrote:

Islam is an ideology. Rejection of an ideology cannot be classified as phobia. To call the opponents of an ideology phobic is a fallacy. All ideologies have their critics and opponents but we do not hear Christians calling the critics of Christianity Christianophobe, communists calling their critics communitophobe or Hindus calling theirs Hinduphobe. The term "Islamophobia" is both technically and logically incorrect and misleading.

The entire article is here: Islamaphobia

When you see or hear others fighting us or calling us names, just remember they are uneducated and do not know what Islam is and have no clue what is in the Koran. They are either ignorant or, if they do understand Islam/Koran, then they are traitors.

Be advised that trying to tell (warn) others about Islam and the Koran is considered (by them) as hate speech. Don't believe it. It's only hate in the sense 'they' hate to hear it.

What NOT to do in public:

1) do not carry inflammatory signs.
2) do not say things or chant slogans that can be construed as racist or inciting violence.
3) leave dogs, pigs and pork chops home. Don't bring anything they consider offensive.
4) don't taunt them.
5) don't use the argument Islam is not a religion.

If you do any of these things, they will simply use it against you to make you, and all of us, look bad and discredit us.

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