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Is Islam for You?

Answer these simple questions.

Below are some questions. If you answer 'yes' to one or more, Islam is probably not for you. The more times you answer 'yes', the greater your concern should be.

1) are you a woman?
2) are you black?
3) are you gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or trans-gender?
4) are you an Atheist?
5) do you worship a religion other than Islam or worship a God other than Allah?
6) do you like music?
7) do you like dogs?
8) do you think it's wrong for a man to hit his wife (wife abuse)?
9) do you think honor killing is wrong?
10) do you think every person has the right to practice their own unique religion, and worship their own God?
11) do you like bacon, pork chops, ribs...any food related to pigs in general?
12) do you like freedom?
13) do you think it's wrong to kill people because they are not heterosexual?
14) do you think it's wrong to force a girl to to marry someone she doesn't love?
15) do you think it's wrong for an adult male to marry a child?
16) do you think it's wrong to treat women as property?
17) do you think animals destined for human consumption should be slaughtered in a humane fashion?

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