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The Gulenist Movement

Trailer for KILLING ED from Visual Truth Projects on Vimeo.

The following links will tell you much. First, news stories.

  • Introduction to Gulen Schools.

  • ABC TV (Ohio) report

  • Man speaks at hearing in Fremont, CA regarding a Gulen Charter School application.

  • This is the lawyer representing the Turkish government (referred to in the previous video).

  • Ohio newspaper

  • Fremont, CA article

  • Lawyer and whistle-blower on Gulen (video).

  • From Los Angeles

  • Chicago Sun-Times

  • From Philadelphia

  • FBI Raids 19 Schools

  • Canadian Article

  • Forbes

  • Fremont, CA

  • Educational

  • FREE booklet on the Gulen Movement you can download

  • Charter School Scandals-You can type a State in the search box on the left side to see if there are any reports.

  • Scandals in Arizona-an example of a State report.

  • Charter School Watchdog

  • InfoWars (Video)

  • Video about the Gulenist Movement

  • From The Atlantic

  • Parent's Across America

  • Anti-Gulen Blog

  • America is my Name

  • Counter Jihad Report

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